Saint Lourdes Paris

Perfect contact. Wide and average deep seat. Specially designed anatomic flap to achieve better position and balance. Concealed knee and calf block for additional comfort. Made of Timberleather® with a GelFoam® seat the Paris delivers on ‘stickability’ & comfort. The shock absorbing panels allow recovery on landing. Available with or without white eyes.


-GelFoam® moulded seat


-3 x Short/2 x Long Billets + Buckle Guard

– Beechwood laminated spring tree

-Shock absorbing latex foam panels

-Concealed knee and calf block

-Narrow twist



Available in Black & Cognac in 16″ 16.5″ 17″ 17.5″ 18″


Gullet options Narrow, Medium, Medium Wide, Wide, Extra Wide

Our most popular saddle, our feedback “The most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden in!”